Excelsior IDE for XDS Modula-2 Developers

To develop Excelsior IDE (XDS IDE for short), you can use Eclipse Luna (4.4.2) or newer. It is important to use plugin-development enabled version (now called Eclipse IDE for Eclipse Committers). It includes the set of plugins called PDE (Plugin Development Environment).

Building and Running from the IDE

Next, you should set up the workspace for development. First of all, you need to add so called Target-Platform. In simplest terms, it specifies the plugin environment you develop your code against.

Next, import all projects from the c:/xds-ide-sources/product.

To launch the XDS IDE instance from the IDE:

To build the IDE from command line:

!IMPORTANT! - specify pathes with the forward slashes '/', not backslaches '\'!!! !IMPORTANT! - path should be intact and should not contain leading and trailing characters!!! So, correct way to specify is: @[email protected]=c:/xds-sdk/xds-sdk-version Make sure it also has no trailing whitespace.

Version: Luna Service Release 2 (4.4.2) Build id: 20150219-0600

Then go to the http://archive.eclipse.org/eclipse/downloads/.

Under 'Archived Releases' find your version and click on it. You should fall through to URL like http://archive.eclipse.org/eclipse/downloads/drops4/R-4.4.2-201502041700/. Please note that in my case I have (version=4.4.2, buildId=20150219-0600 ) running, but Eclipse site offers me R-4.4.2-201502041700 version (see URL). In such a case I suggest you to download the correct version of the platform you will build against. For me, it is the eclipse-SDK-4.4.2-win32.zip from the Eclipse SDK section.

Scroll through the page and download eclipse-4.4.2-delta-pack.zip file.