Kivy based brain trainer

This repository is there for demonstration purposes mainly. You could possibly experience some weird issues while getting it running on your platform. Star and fork the repository if you want to say thank you.

Download the app on google play:


Install kivy. Install audio and video deps too.


Create using the system site packages.

Virtualenvwrapper: mkvirtualenv --system-site-packages kognitivo

Python dependencies

pip install -r requirements.txt

Create static files


Packaging for android

Make sure you've gone all steps in kivy packing guide

Install and setup buildozer

Buildozer is python android packaging tool. Because of python for android won't work inside the virtualenv it must be installed within global python env. Make sure you go through installation instructions


Packaging in DEBUG mode

Packaging in RELEASE mode

The following instructions are there for you as example of how you could release-ready package your own app.
Of course you can be a total jerk and just upload the copy of kognitivo into Google Play, it's your choice.

Setup emulator

Using android emulator

Using Genymotion

Not recommended didn't work for me: Genymotion uses Virtual Box x86 based images, new p4a toolchain seems to have massive problems with x86

Genymotion is a powerful android emulator free for personal use. Genymotion uses virtualbox, so make sure you've done installation guide

Starting the emulator

Install and run in emulator



If you are still willing to contribute, just make a PR, run the tests and flake8 on your branch. I'll take a look :D


Apache 2.0