Evercam for Android Build Status API

Evercam allows connect your own IP cameras, public webcams and any Android devices that you use as an IP camera. It connects you to Evercam dashboard so that you can see all your cameras on your desktop as well.

Name Evercam for Android
Owner @Zulqarnain Mustafa
Version 2.1.7
Evercam API Version 1.0
Licence AGPL


Published App

Get it on Google Play


  1. Checkout from Git: git clone https://github.com/evercam/evercam-play-android.git
  2. Open the project in Android Studio and run

Help make it better

The entire Evercam codebase is open source, see details: http://www.evercam.io/open-source

If you have experience with Android SDK and IP cameras, we look forward to your pull requests!

The code should follow the naming convention and should be formatted using the default code style template in Android Studio.


For any bugs and discussions, please use Github Issues.

Any questions or suggestions around Evercam, drop us a line: http://www.evercam.io/contact