esigate - Webapp integration, Remote templating, Web accelerator

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Server-side integration : Esigate allows a fast and invisible mashup of any web applications. It can be used to add application modules, written in any programming language (PHP, Java, .Net...) to a CMS, without cache or accessibility issues.

Shared remote templates : Use a single, shared template for several applications, ensuring exactly the same design and real-time synchronization. Use a CMS or a portal as a template, to get graphical administration features for all your applications.

Web accelerator : Improved ESI tags to allow block-level caching of content for dynamic pages. Deliver dynamic, logged-in content in milli-seconds. Also deliver fully cached content.


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Old bugtracker (prior to version 5.0):

Note: the bugtracker has been migrated from mantisbt to GitHub issue tracking system. New issues must be created in GitHub but the tickets opened before version 5.0 will stay in mantisbt.