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Contract ABI (v2) and Recursive Length Prefix made easy for the JVM. Everything heavily optimized for maximum throughput (ABI function call encoding up to 500x faster than a popular competitor. One function init plus one encode up to 50x faster (run benchmarks with gradle jmh or run the maven-generated benchmarks jar)).

ABI spec:

RLP spec:

SHA-256 (headlong-3.4.0.jar): 990eea14ed663d7ddb1e49b1c1430e1322f356ba77046aa186e604a724ead527


ABI codec

Encoding Function Calls

Function f = new Function("baz(uint32,bool)"); // canonicalizes and parses any signature
// or
Function f2 = Function.fromJson("{\"type\":\"function\",\"name\":\"foo\",\"inputs\":[{\"name\":\"complex_nums\",\"type\":\"tuple[]\",\"components\":[{\"name\":\"real\",\"type\":\"decimal\"},{\"name\":\"imaginary\",\"type\":\"decimal\"}]}]}");

Tuple args = new Tuple(69L, true);

// Two equivalent styles:
ByteBuffer one = f.encodeCall(args);
ByteBuffer two = f.encodeCallWithArgs(69L, true);

System.out.println(Function.formatCall(one.array())); // a multi-line hex representation
System.out.println(f.decodeCall((ByteBuffer) two.flip()).equals(args));

Decoding Return Values

Function foo = new Function("foo((fixed[],int8)[1][][5])", "(ufixed,string)");

// decode return type (ufixed,string)
Tuple decoded = foo.decodeReturn(
              + "0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000020"
              + "0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000004"
              + "7730307400000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000"

System.out.println(decoded.equals(new Tuple(new BigDecimal(BigInteger.valueOf(69L), 18), "w00t")));

RLP codec

// for an example class Student
public Student(byte[] rlp) {
    Iterator<RLPItem> iter = RLP_STRICT.sequenceIterator(rlp); =;
    this.gpa =;
    this.publicKey =;
    this.balance = new BigDecimal(,;

public Object[] toObjectArray() {
    return new Object[] {
            // instances of byte[]
            Strings.decode(name, UTF_8),
            // include an Object[] or Iterable and its elements will be encoded as an RLP list (which may include other lists)

public byte[] toRLP() {
    return RLPEncoder.encodeSequentially(toObjectArray());

Also includes optimized implementations of:


Now available in Maven Central Repository.

Or build locally:

Clone the project and install to your local maven repository using gradle publishToMavenLocal or mvn install, then declare it as a dependency:

implementation 'com.esaulpaugh:headlong:3.4.1-SNAPSHOT'


Command line interface

Demo app


headlong (optionally) depends on gson and bouncycastle. Test suite should take less than one minute to run. Test packages require junit. Jar size is ~126 KiB as of 06/23/20. Java 8+.

See the wiki for more, such as TupleTypes, packed encoding (and decoding), and RLP Object Notation:

Licensed under Apache 2.0 terms