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The aptly named Job Queue Manager, or JQM for short, is a queue manager. It has three goals:

The result is a small-footprint, easy to use grid execution system that takes care of everything which would be boilerplate code or missing otherwise: configuring logs, throttling processes, handling priorities between different classes of jobs, distributing the load over multiple servers, distributing the files created by the jobs, and much more...

It is able to run anything that can be run on the command line without modifications. It also has a very rich Java integration which make it an ideal "job application server" for Java users - with no modifications required, allowing to directly use code from plain Main to Spring Batch and other frameworks...

Jobs and users also optionally benefit from rich REST APIs exposing all JQM data and operations.

There are many use cases for JQM. Common real-world examples include:

Also of note that JQM was created with compatibility in mind:

Finally, JQM is a free (as beer) and open source product backed by the IT consulting firm Enioka which first developed it for an international conglomerate. Enquiries about support, development of extensions, integration with other products, consulting and other commercial questions are more than welcome at [email protected] Community support is of course freely offered on GitHub using the bug-tracker.