This project provides Converter to convert generic xsd/xml to asvc/avro files. Avro schema and avro file are generated from xsd schema and xml file.

Additionally it includes simple schemaless converter that converts xml to avro and avro to xml.

Running Project

  1. git clone;
  2. mvn package;
  3. java -jar target/xml-avro*.jar {} {} // converts specified xml+xsd to avro+asvc files
  4. java -cp target/xml-avro*.jar ly.stealth.xmlavro.simple.Converter avro // convert xml to avro
  5. java -cp target/xml-avro*.jar ly.stealth.xmlavro.simple.Converter xml // convert avro to xml

Schema-based converter


XML Avro converter.
Usage: "{-d|--debug} {-b|--baseDir <baseDir>} <xsdFile> <xmlFile> {<avscFile>} {<avroFile>}"


Schema-based converter currently only supports conversion in one direction: from xml to avro.

Converter has following restriction:

Simple converter


{avro|xml} <inFile> <outFile>

Note: simple converter uses predefined general avro schema located at src/ly/stealth/xmlavro/simple/xml.avsc