Java version of Flask's MiniTwit example built with the Spark web microframework, Freemarker, Spring and HSQLDB (as an in-memory database).

Thanks to SamAsEnd for given this project a better look. You can find the original theme referenced by the tutorial in this branch.


How to run it

  1. Clone the repository and go to the root directory.

  2. Execute mvn compile exec:java

  3. Open in your browser http://localhost:4567/

  4. Log in as user001 with password user001, or user002/user002, or user003/user003 until user010/user010, or sign up yourself. If your e-mail address has an associated Gravatar image, this will be used as your profile image.


MIT License

See LICENSE for details.

Flask's MiniTwit (c) 2015 by Armin Ronacher.