Databricks Java Rest Client

This is a simple java library that provides programmatic access to the Databricks Rest Service.

NOTE: that the project used to be under the groupId com.edmunds.databricks It is now under com.edmunds.

At some point we will plan on deleting the old artifacts from maven-central.

Build Status

Build Status

API Overview


This library only implements a percentage of all of the functionality that the Databricks Rest Interface provides. The idea is to add functionality as users of this library need it. Here are the current Endpoints that are supported:

Please look at the javadocs for the specific service to get more detailed information on what functionality is currently available.

If there is important functionality that is currently missing, please create a github issue.


public class MyClient {
  public static void main(String[] args) throws DatabricksRestException, IOException {
    // Construct a serviceFactory using token authentication
    DatabricksServiceFactory serviceFactory =
            .createServiceFactoryWithTokenAuthentication("myToken", "myHost")

    // Lets get our databricks job "myJob" and edit maxRetries to 5
    JobDTO jobDTO = serviceFactory.getJobService().getJobByName("myJob");
    JobSettingsDTO jobSettingsDTO = jobDTO.getSettings();
    serviceFactory.getJobService().upsertJob(jobSettingsDTO, true);

    // Lets install a jar to a specific cluster
    LibraryDTO libraryDTO = new LibraryDTO();
    for (ClusterInfoDTO clusterInfoDTO : serviceFactory.getClusterService().list()) {
      if (clusterInfoDTO.getClusterName().equals("myCluster")) {
        serviceFactory.getLibraryService().install(clusterInfoDTO.getClusterId(), new LibraryDTO[]{libraryDTO});

For more examples, take a look at the service tests.

Building, Installing and Running

Getting Started and Prerequisites


How to build the project locally: mvn clean install

Unit Tests

There are currently no unit tests for this project. Our thoughts are that the only testable functionality is the integration between our client on an actual databricks instance. As such we currently only have integration tests.

Integration Tests

IMPORTANT: integration tests do not execute automatically as part of a build. It is your responsibility (and Pull Request Reviewers) to make sure the integration tests pass before merging in code.


You need to set the following environment properties in your .bash_profile

export DB_TOKEN=my-token

In order for the integration tests to run, you must have a valid token for the user in question. Here is how to set it up: Set up Tokens Note: In order to run the SCIM integration tests your user should have admin rights

Executing Integration Tests

mvn clean install org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-failsafe-plugin:integration-test


Please see the about our release process. As this is a library, there is no deployment operation needed.


Please read for the process for merging code into master.