Eclipse Wild Web Developer : 🌐 Web dev in Eclipse IDE 🌘

🖊️ Edit of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, JSON+schema, XML+schema, YAML+schema+Kubernetes and 🦟🔫 debug Node.js and HTML+JS web-apps simply and efficiently in the 🌘 Eclipse IDE.

To see it in action, open the desired file with the Generic Editor that's included by default in the Eclipse IDE.

Rich 🖊️edition for:


Supported features for edition are

Supported 🦟🔫 debugging targets


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♨️ See Release Notes for details about recent major improvement in the project.

▶️ [January 2020] Quick and complete demo of Wild Web Developer and related strategy about Language Server and Debug Adapters at FOSDEM

▶️ [January 2020] Demo of ESLint in Wild Web Developer

▶️ [October 2019] Demo debugging JavaScript in HTML with Chrome

▶️ [October 2019] Demo Angular template edition assistance

▶️ [September 2019] Demo debugging JavaScript in HTML with Firefox

📰 [June 2019] The Eclipse IDE for Web and JavaScript developers strikes back on Eclipse Foundation newsletter.

▶️ [Jun 2019] Demo of Terminal and Build integration for NPM:

📰 [Apr 2019] Eclipse Wild Web Developer adds a powerful YAML editor with built-in Kubernetes support on Red Hat Developers blog

▶️ [Mar 2019] Demo of YAML editor support:

▶️ [Feb 2019] Demo of XML editor support:

▶️ [Jan 2019] Demo of Node.js launch and debug:

▶️ [Apr 2017] XML, JSON, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript demo

💡 Design and Architecture

Wild Web Developer is based on the Eclipse Generic Editor framework from Eclipse Platform, Eclipse LSP4E and Eclipse TM4E in order to provide editors based on TextMate grammars, Visual Studio Code HTML CSS & JSON Language Servers, Theia's TypeScript and JavaScript language servers, Red Hat's xml-languageserver and yaml-language-server...; and on Eclipse Debug stack, LSP4E Debug Adapter Protocol support and Visual Studio Code Node Debug Adapter... to provide debugging.

⌨️ Get involved

Community support is currently available via GitHub issues.

Contribution of Code and Documentation are welcome as GitHub Pull Request.

Continuous integration is available on

Quality analysis is available on SonarCloud.