Repairnator: an open-source platform for automatic program repair

Repairnator is an open-source project for automated program repair. All kinds of repair are considered: test failure repair, compilation error repair, static warning repair, crash repair, etc. Repairnator is integrated with continuous integration (Travis CI, Jenkins, etc.) and makes pull-requests with fixes. The project is hosted at the Eclipse open-source foundation.

Eclipse/repairnator is a welcoming community :-) You're welcome to join the community with an existing piece of repair software, to be integrated and pushed in the repository. You're welcome to join the community with a novel project to be hosted in the repository. You're welcome to contribute, we have a number of open issues on which new contributors can jump in. Say hello!

Repairnator is done by a a nice team of welcoming engineers and researchers.


The entry point to the documentation is The post "Repairnator patches programs automatically" gives a high-level overview of Repairnator.


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The content of this repository is licensed under the MIT and the EPL licenses.