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Open VSX is a vendor-neutral open-source alternative to the Visual Studio Marketplace. It provides a server application that manages VS Code extensions in a database, a web application similar to the VS Code Marketplace, and a command-line tool for publishing extensions similar to vsce.

Getting Started

See the openvsx Wiki for documentation of general concepts and usage of this project.


The easiest way to get a development environment for this project is to open it in Gitpod.

Open in Gitpod

Click Open Browser on port 3000 to see the running web application.


The command line tool is available at cli/lib/ovsx.



The Spring server is started automatically in Gitpod. It includes spring-boot-devtools which detects changes in the compiled class files and restarts the server.

OAuth Setup

If you would like to test authorization through GitHub, you need to create an OAuth app with a callback URL pointing to the exposed port 8080 of your Gitpod workspace. You can get it by printing a predefined variable in the "Server" terminal in Gitpod:


Note that the callback URL needs to be updated on GitHub whenever you create a fresh Gitpod workspace.

After you created the GitHub OAuth app, the next step is to copy the Client ID and Client Secret into Gitpod environment variables named GITHUB_CLIENT_ID and GITHUB_CLIENT_SECRET and bound to this repository.

With these settings in place, you should be able to log in by authorizing your OAuth app.


Eclipse Public License 2.0