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GregTech Classic is a GT1 inspired rewrite for IC2 Classic 1.12.2. Join the discussion


Downloads are available on curse!

Current State

We are currently almost at the end of our beta testing, and nearing the official release for 1.12.2 - after which GTC will just recieve support and bug fixes. However there a few more updates left for content additions as of the start of 2020.


Please report any issues you find to the issue tracker on this repository. Include as much information as possible including as version and steps to reproduce.


Please do! Any and all ideas are welcome, although I am trying to keep this mod small and fun - I am still open to any suggestions. Feel free to fork or clone this project and experiment with the code yourself while respecting the closed nature of the Ic2c source. If you would like to run this project in a dev enviorment, you will need: JEI, IC2 Classic Dev, and Forestry.