Spring Boot JPA Soft Deletes with Spring Data Rest

Simple example of how to use custom JPA repository implementation for soft deletes functionality.

List of Things



Generic Repository Methods

long countActive();
T findOneActive(ID id);
boolean existsActive(ID id);
Iterable<T> findAllActive();
Iterable<T> findAllActive(Sort sort);
Page<T> findAllActive(Pageable pageable);
Iterable<T> findAllActive(Iterable<ID> ids);
void softDeleteAll();
void softDelete(ID id);
void softDelete(T entity);
void softDelete(Iterable<? extends T> entities);
void scheduleSoftDelete(ID id, LocalDateTime localDateTime);
void scheduleSoftDelete(T entity, LocalDateTime localDateTime);

Entity mapping examples


Example HTTP calls


In Short

In order to use this, we first must create our CustomJpaRepositoryFactoryBean and enable that in our main class using:

@EnableJpaRepositories(repositoryFactoryBeanClass = CustomJpaRepositoryFactoryBean.class)

This returns our custom SoftDeletesRepositoryImpl instead of the default SimpleJpaRepository.

There's a BaseEntity which all of our entities must extend, that contains the necessary field to enable us to use this functionality.

Now for every repository interface, instead of extending the JpaRepository we extend our SoftDeletesRepository (UserRepository example).


Just clone or download the repo and import it as an existing maven project.

You'll also need to set up Project Lombok or if you don't want to use this library you can remove the associated annotations from the code and write the getters, setters, constructors, etc. by yourself.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details