Elm language plugin for IntelliJ IDEA. This repository is no longer maintained due to lack of resources. If you need an Elm language support in IntelliJ - please consider using this plugin instead.


This plugin supports Elm 0.18.0. If you need to have different version supported, see this link.

Formatting is currently not a feature of the plugin, but elm-format can be used instead. If you don't know how to configure IntelliJ to use elm-format you can find some information here

Building from sources

  1. Setup your development environment according to this instruction.
  2. Clone this repository.
  3. Open it as a Plugin Project in IntelliJ IDEA (either Community or Ultimate version).
  4. Make sure you have Grammar-Kit and PsiViewer plugins installed.
  5. Delete the content of gen directory if you have previously generated parser code from another version of the BNF file.
  6. Open src/main/java/org/elmlang/intellijplugin/Elm.flex file and generate lexer code (*)
  7. Open src/main/java/org/elmlang/intellijplugin/Elm.bnf file and generate the parser code - twice, if needed (*)
  8. Open File -> Project Structure under Project set the Projekt SDK to the (in Step 1) configured IntelliJ Platform Plugin SDK, the Project language level at least to 8 and the Project compiler output to out
  9. Create a Plugin-Run Configuration

(*) either from a context menu or by keyboard shortcut ⇧⌘G


Please do not contribute to this repository directly - fork it and contribute to your fork instead.

License: MIT