This project is no longer being maintained; at least not by the original dev team. It might be picked up by related teams, but no such plans are known to former maintainers of this repository at this time.


This application provides a platform for secure hidden storage of user data on an Android phone. The application is hidden on the phone, only to be found with the correct PIN access code, and data managed by the application is encrypted and hidden from other applications on the phone. However even if you don't want that data readily available for everyone that gets hands on your phone there are many cases where you still want to share that data. Which is why it incorporates several sharing features, both for people who have the app and those who don't. Yet it very much remains tricky thing to balance between the security and sharing aspects of this project.

Furthermore, the application can be shared directly between two Android phones via a WiFi hotspot, BlueTooth, and Android Beam (when available). The goal is to implement the tools to make offline sharing and distribution an easy thing. Both of the app and the data stored inside the app.

Running it

You can download the .apk file from the releases page, and install this on your phone. This should be stable, create an issue if it is not.

For the latest, most up-to-date version, clone the repository and build the application with Android Studio

Project Vision

The application aims to provide a secure platform for the user to store sensitive data. The user, and only the user may unlock, view and share the data managed (encrypted and hidden) by the application.

Near-future goals

Create a user-friendly data management experience. That is, provide an intuitive, smooth flow around locking and hiding data from other applications on the phone, or other users of the phone. Several core features for the hiding include:


Currently the use of this application has several issues that may result in data loss. This sections aims to list all of them as a warning both for use and as a reminder of what to work on.

Far-future goals

Connecting the application to other (non-internet) means of communicating data.

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