What is ICAFE? ICAFE is a pure Java library for:

Read format support:

Write format support:

Image convertion and management:

Image metadata manipulation:

NOTE: The metadata related part of icafe has become another repository "pixymeta" which has no dependency on reading and writing function of "icafe". There is also an Android version called "pixymeta-android".

Who is using ICAFE

I know a lot of you are using this library even for commercial purpose. That's totally fine to me as that is my intention from day one of this library. Let me know if you want your name or company to be added here to show your appreciation.

Where can I get the latest release?

There is currently no stable release of ICAFE. However you can pull the latest SNAPSHOT from Sonatype SNAPSHOT repository by adding the snapshot repository to your pom.xml:

  <name>Sonatype Snapshot Repository</name>

Then you can use the SNAPSHOT version of ICAFE in your pom.xml:


Suggestions? custom requirements? Open an issue or send email to me directly: [email protected]

Go to the wiki page to see this library in action or grab the "icafe.jar" from the lib folder and try it yourself!