Just another color picker for Android

This is a nice and simple color picker for Android. It allows to show any number of different palettes with any (reasonable) number of colors. Palettes can be stored in an array or generated on the fly.


Example code

To show the dialog, just get an instance, add a number of palettes and call the show method.

        ColorPickerDialogFragment d = new ColorPickerDialogFragment();

        // set the palettes
        d.setPalettes(new AbstractPalette[]
            ArrayPalette.fromResources(this, "basecolors", R.string.base_palette_name, R.array.base_palette_colors, R.array.base_palette_color_names),
            new FactoryPalette("rainbow", "Rainbow", ColorFactory.RAINBOW, 16)
        });, tag);

The calling activity or fragment should implement ColorPickerDialogFragment.ColorDialogResultListener to get the result like:

        public void onColorChanged(int color, String colorName, String paletteName)
            // do something with color

        public void onColorDialogCancelled()
            // handle cancelled color picker dialog

Screen shots



Copyright (c) dmfs GmbH 2018, licensed under Apache 2 (see LICENSE).