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A distributed key-value database system with table concept.

Project Description

Distkv project is a distributed key-value database system. Besides these features, Distkv supports table concept which looks like tables in relational databases. It also supports a rich ecosystem, named Pine, which has many easy-to-use and out-of-the-box components for Web application and micro-service.

Full document is https://distkv.com

Awesome Features

  1. Redis-like data structure
  2. Table concept based on kv store
  3. Strong consistency model
  4. Easy to use clients
  5. Strong ecosystem for Web application and micro-service

Quick Started

1. Install Distkv

First make sure you have the python environment.

Then running the following command to install the Distkv locally:

pip install -e deploy/python -v

2. Start Distkv server

Running the following command to start the Distkv server.

$ dkv-server

3. Start Distkv command line tool

Running the following command to start the command line tool of a Distkv client.

$ dkv-cli

4. Command Line Tool

Once you started the command line tool dkv-cli successfully, type the following command to enjoy the trip of Distkv.

dkv-cli > list.put "k1" "v1" "v2" "v3"
dkv-cli > ok
dkv-cli > list.get "k1"
dkv-cli > ["v1", "v2", "v3"]

dkv-cli > int.put "k1" 1
dkv-cli > ok
dkv-cli > int.incr "k1" 2
dkv-cli > ok
dkv-cli > int.get "k1"
dkv-cli > 3

Client SDK

Now we support both Java Client SDK and Java Async Client SDK. We are working in progress to support other languages SDK.

Configure you dependency of Distkv client in pom.xml:


To use Distkv client in Java, see the following examples:

Who Is Using

Getting Involved

Thank you for your attention to the Distkv project. If you have any questions, you can create a new issue in our Issues list. We also welcome you to participate in our Distkv project, if you want to make contributions, you can refer the file CONTRIBUTING.md.