Cordova RTMP and RTSP Live Streaming Plugin

This cordova plugin is use to stream a live video to RTMP or RTSP server. Library based on rtmp-rtsp-stream-client-java


Latest stable version from npm:

$ cordova plugin add cordova-rtsp-rtmp-stream

Bleeding edge version from Github:

$ cordova plugin add

Using the plugin

// without comment
videoStreamer.streamRTSPAuth('rtsp://your-ip/live/app_name', 'your-username', 'your-password', [success], [failed]);
videoStreamer.streamStop([success], [failed]);

// show comment
videoStreamer.streamRTSPAuth('rtsp://your-ip/live/app_name', 'your-username', 'your-password', function (res) 
    // show all the comment form and list if connection and authentication is successful
    if (res.event_name == 'onConnectionSuccess') {
        videoStreamer.commentListShow(true, function (resCom) {

        }, function (e) {

}, function (e) {



videoStreamer.streamRTSP('uri', [success], [failed]);
videoStreamer.streamRTMP('uri', [success], [failed]);

videoStreamer.streamRTMPAuth('uri', 'your-username', 'your-password', [success], [failed]);
videoStreamer.streamRTSPAuth('uri', 'your-username', 'your-password', [success], [failed]);

// manually stop streaming
videoStreamer.streamStop([success], [failed]);

// comment list (Optional)
videoStreamer.commentListShow(boolean, [success], [failed]);
videoStreamer.commentList([{avatar: 'URI', username: 'Username', content: 'Message/Comment/Content Text'}], [success], [failed]);

// record locally (MP4)
videoStreamer.videoRecord([success], [failed]);

RTMP & RTSP action response

onConnectionSuccess: data

onConnectionFailed: void

onDisconnect: void

onAuthError: void

onAuthSuccess: data

onStartStream: data

onStopStream: data

onError: data

onCommentSend: data

onCommentItemSelected: data

Future Features


Library for stream in RTMP and RTSP. All code in Java.


Cordova RTMP and RTSP Streamer is licensed under the Apache License (ASL) license. For more information, see the LICENSE file in this repository.

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