It's the year 2013. Facebook's Android SDK was first announced in May 2010 at Google I/O, and I know it because I was there going through all the stands. Yet, here we are and there is still not a single Sample Code Project, not even from Facebook itself, for you to access the Graph API and pull down a user's Newsfeed.

Until now, of course.


This simple Project is targeted at Android 2.3 and upwards, and uses Facebook's latest Android SDK to display a user's Newsfeed. I'm not yet into the Maven vibe (although I know what it does) so I added the SDK directly into this project. I also wanted a fancy way for you to refresh the Newsfeed, so I went to [Chris Banes' Pull-to-Refresh project] (https://github.com/chrisbanes/Android-PullToRefresh) and added it, too.

To test it, you simply tap on the "Login" button at the bottom, introduce your Facebook credentials, it'll ask permission to read your Newsfeed, and a couple of seconds later (it works asynchronously, but I left out a visual indicator) you'll see it pop onscreen. If your own Newsfeed is very busy, you can Pull-to-Refresh a couple of seconds later and see the new items pop right at the top. No, it doesn't include any [fancy Gap Detection code inside] (http://dinesharjani.com/post/48561548010/week-3-gap-technology-part-1).

My recommendations to anyone interested in this code: please, please, please, have a look at the [official Facebook Documentation] (https://developers.facebook.com/). In a couple of ways I consider it a mess because it doesn't focus on what's most important to you as a 3rd-party developer looking to access the Graph API, but if you go through all of it calmly, and take time to play with their tools, specially their [Graph Explorer] (https://developers.facebook.com/tools/explorer), you'll be able to better appreciate how this code works and what you can do with it to suit your own needs.


There are a couple of things you need to go through to get this code working for you.

Other stuff

Keep in mind this code is for sample purposes. Even so, I made use of Fragments and split the code into sub-packages just like I do in production to make it all tidy and it's well documented. Right now I don't envision expanding this Sample with more features (posting to Facebook, or adding ActionBarSherlock, for instance), but if you want to do it before I do, feel free to do so and by all means get in touch with me.



Dinesh Harjani


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