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Part of a Delft Unversity of Technology bachelor's thesis about the digitalization of the voting pass for Dutch elections using blockchain and machine readable travel documents.

The scope of this project is limited to the voting pass only and forms one step towards the digitalization of the entire voting process.

This app is intended for use at the polling station. An official scans a voter's travel document to verify and redeem the suffrage, which process is stored on the blockchain and can be verifed by anyone. After the suffrage is verified, a ballot is handed out and the voting process continues in a traditional way (by pencil and paper).

Android app on Google Play

Getting Started

Import the root folder into your IDE (tested on Android Studio), then run project.

Connects to (currently offline), which acts as a node in the digital voting pass blockchain network. See digital-voting-pass-multichain on how to setup your own node.

This server also hosts a blockchain explorer, which can be accesses here: (currently offline).

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This project is licensed under the LGPL License - see the file for details


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