This library uses framebuffers for screen transitions in libgdx like, alpha-fading, color-fading, sliding and slicing. The Game class has been extended to FadingGame, which applies transitions, when setScreen is called. Allows callbacks on start and end of the transitions.


  1. Make libGDX running on your system
  2. Download the jar
  3. Add gradle dependency

Or just use the source.


You can take a look at the TestCase to see how it works. You can just replace GdxTest with ApplicationListener and start it from your libgdx project.

If you are using the libgdx Game class you can do the following:

  1. Replace your Game class with FadingGame.
  2. Create transistions
  3. Use setTransition to set the current transition
  4. The next time setScreen is called the transition is executed
  5. Use TransitionListeners


Apache 2 License


Ask me: [email protected]