Jorbs's Wanderer Trilogy

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Jorbs's Wanderer Trilogy is a Slay the Spire mod that tells the story of The Wanderer by introducing 3 new playable characters: The Wanderer, The CULL, and The Explorers. It is a work in progress: today, The Wanderer is a complete playable character, with the others still to come!

Jorbs's Wanderer Trilogy is inspired and designed by Jorbs, co-developed by the community.

How to Install

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  1. Get Slay the Spire through Steam
  2. Subscribe to Jorb's Wanderer Trilogy in the Slay the Spire Steam Workshop
  3. Launch Slay the Spire and select Play With Mods
  4. Make sure "BaseMod", "StSLib", and "JorbsMod" are all checked, then play!



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Jorbs's Wanderer Trilogy was created by a diverse group of almost 100 contributors. We welcome newcomers!

See for information about how to contribute code, art, audio, writing, translations, or anything else.