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Your goal is to make it to the bottom of Xibalba, kill the 10 Lords of Xibalba, resurrect your family member, and take them back to the world of the living. To do this, you must progress from the jungle to the caves, and from the caves to the dungeons of Xibalba.

During character creation you can choose a god to pledge to, obeying their requirements during your attempt will grant you access to their abilities. Going against them, though, will have extreme consequences.

Stats and skills advance through usage, no allotting points.


Xibalba is currently in development, a playable alpha will hopefully be available soon.

Get the game on itch.io.


If you have Intellij

Gradle command line

cd ~/path/to/xibalba/

# If gradle wrapper isn't setup yet
gradle wrapper

# Run
./gradlew desktop:run

# Build
./gradlew desktop:dist