spring-microservices-boilerplate is a boilerplate which is very helpful for java programmer and friendly to front end.

And build with:

And use specification-arg-resolver for filter.

NOTE If you need RSA sign check, you can use validateWithSignCheck of ValidateHelper

Build and Run [TOP]

$ cd <spring-microservices-boilerplate root path>
$ ./gradlew clean build bootRun


Usage [TOP]

Step 1: Import the init.sql to your database, I suggest you to use PostgreSQL [TOP]

Step 2: Config your application.yml to choose cache type and token store type. [TOP]

Step 3: Access resources with Swagger. [TOP]

Run it, Open your browser and access http://localhost:8080/swagger-ui.html#/.

NOTE Default port is 8080, you can modify it which key is server.port in application.yml.

You can test API by the tips.

  1. Get access_token and refresh_token with login API. and result is:

You'll get a 429 response when you add a "Limit-Key" header value like "root" and request the api too often.
(3 times in 10 seconds, you can config it in application.yml).

Request with "Limit-Key" header: and result is:

  1. Or get new access_token with refresh_token.

  2. Access users. and result is:

Deploy [TOP]

  1. Build war and use tomcat.
  2. Build jar and run java -jar foo.jar
  3. Use Docker. You can build your docker image by Dockerfile. And run it with docker-compose.yml.

License [TOP]


Copyright (c) since 2015 saintdan

Version History [TOP]

Version history is here. ;)