Stage Display Viewer

Stage display viewer in java 8 for Propresenter 6 and 5.

The output text is shown in a lower key fashion, i.e. it's shown in the lower part of the screen. It also compactifies rows by removing every second line break, i.e. 4 rows will be shown as 2 rows.

It should work in Windows/MacOS/Linux and other *nix systems

Example usage

Here is an example of how a slide in propresenter can be transformed into a lower key. Here the secondary language is removed and the text is placed at the bottom of the screen. A small shadow is added to make text easier to read. This is accomplished using stage display viewer and OBS.

Text shown in propresenter

Text as lower key


Propresenter must be running when running stage display viewer.

Either just double click the jar file or, if your OS is not configured for starting jar files, start program as following:





Adding lower key on video with shadows

This can be achieved in OBS. Add stage display viewer window/screen as a source on top of video stream in OBS. Then add a Color key filter to the stage display source with settings.

Key Color Type: Custom
Key Color: #111111 (#ff111111)
Similarity: 1

This will give you an easy to read lower key with a discreet black shadow. The key color must be the same as specified in styles.css and should preferably be quite dark but not completely black to give the best effect.

Transform text

Text transform support: compactify rows by removing every second line break, i.e. 4 rows will be shown as 2 rows. Property specified in file


Capitalize lines

Capitalizes the first letter in every line. Property specified in file


Capitalize text

Capitalizes the text Property specified in file


Preserve two lines

This setting will preserve two lines and not convert that into one line when text_translator_active is true


Custom New Line Insertion

Makes it possible to explicitly place each new line in the slide. In a slide that should have custom new lines, add commands line this to the Stage Display Notes:


Where x is the position of the word the newline should be inserted after. You can insert multiple newlines by adding more numbers to the command separated by a space. Example:


inserts newlines after the first and fourth word.

All whitespace other than what is specified in the NEWLINE command is removed.

Can be used on the same slide as a Midi command, just separate them with a space:

NEWLINE 1 4 Midi 0 60 92

Multi language support

Removes lines after an empty line This is useful if multiple languages are shown separated with a line break and only the first language are to be shown


Change margin below text

This setting sets the margin below the text


Midi module

Midi module makes it possible to send midi commands from propresenter.

Activate midi module in properties file

MIDI = true

In propresenter on a slide that should send a midi command should add commands like this to Stage Display Notes:

Midi 0 60 92


Midi channel note velocity

The 0 indicates the channel, 60 indicates the note Middle C and the 92 is an arbitrary key-down velocity value


v1.7.0 download Fix Issue #24: Add option to transform text to Uppercase Fix Issue #25: Fix problem where styles.css not found when path contains whitespaces Fix Issue #30: Fix problems with slides with only line breaks

v1.6.0 download Fix Issue #15: Enhancements Request Fix Issue #17: Enhancements Request Fix Issue #18: Fix fading issues when font size changes Fix Issue #19: Add window mode support

v1.5.0 download Make it more resilience by adding auto-reconnect

v1.4.0 download Add feature #9 to make it possible to change margin below text

v1.3.0 download Add feature #8 to make it possible to preserve two rows Bug fixes #1, #4

v1.2.0 download Add support for propresenter 6 for windows

v1.1.0 download Add midi module support. This makes it possible to send midi command from propresenter.

v1.0.0 download First release.

Known problems