App Runner

A self-hosted platform-as-a-service that hosts web apps written in Java, Clojure, NodeJS, Python, golang, Scala and .NET Core. Designed to be simple to deploy behind a firewall, on corporate intranets or at home. Once running, tell App Runner the Git URL of a web app and it will automatically build and host it for you, with support to auto-deploy on every git push.


Who is this for?

App Runner is especially useful for people or teams who are creating many little web applications and want the convenience of a platform such as Heroku but cannot use an external service.

Change log

Running locally

Run com.danielflower.apprunner.RunLocal.main from your IDE. This will use the settings in Upon startup, it will try to download, build, and deploy the application specified in the config. Launch the URL that is logged on startup see the hosted sample app.


You need to have a Windows or Linux server available with Java 8 or later and one or more build tools installed. One or more of Maven, Gradle, Leiningen, NodeJS with NPM, Scala with SBT, GoLang, Python 2 or 3.

It's easiest if each tool is available to run from the path, but you can point to specific paths by setting paths in your config file.

Download the latest version of App Runner from Maven central

Run with java -jar app-runner-{version}.jar /path/to/

See for sample configuration. The local directory in this repo also has sample start scripts and logging configuration.

Build Status


You will also need to provide M2_HOME=/path/to/maven/home before you run source code and test cases.