Websocket based (NO APPLET) Smart Card Digital Signature Application

Websocket-Smart-Card-Signer give the possibility to sign a document with a Smartcard, directly from the browser. The application work as a Websocket server and is provided with a javascript client library that manage the comunications. The application support the signature of online and local PDF documents in PAdES standard as well as the signature of any other kind of file in P7M using the CAdES standard. This application depend on the projects Java Native Interface for PKCS#11 and IAIK PKCS#11 Wrapper. More details on the features in the following.



Have a look at the DEMO (1h/day downtime expected).

NOTE: The Jar is self-signed so in order to use the demo you must add a security exception in the java control panel for the site "https://wscs.000webhostapp.com/"

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