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A library that helps your app interact with shells on Android.


Include the library in your modules build.gradle file:

implementation 'eu.darken.rxshell:core:<insert-latest-release>'
implementation 'eu.darken.rxshell:root:<insert-latest-release>' // For root related extensions

Now your project is ready to use the library, let's quickly talk about a few core concepts:

  1. You construct a shell using RxCmdShell.builder().
  2. The shell has to be opened before use (shell.open()), which will launch the process and give you a RxCmdShell.Session to work with.
  3. Build your commands with Cmd.builder("your command").
  4. Commands are run with session.submit(command), cmd.submit(session) or cmd.execute(session).
  5. Remember to close() the session to release resources.


Single-Shot execution

If you pass a shell builder to the command it will be used for a single shot execution.

A shell is created and opened, used and closed.

Cmd.execute(...) is shorthand for Cmd.submit(...).blockingGet(), so don't run it from a UI thread.

Cmd.Result result = Cmd.builder("echo hello").execute(RxCmdShell.builder());

Reusing a shell

If you want to issue multiple commands, you can reuse the shell which is faster and uses less resources.

RxCmdShell.Session session = RxCmdShell.builder().build().open().blockingGet();
// Blocking
Cmd.Result result1 = Cmd.builder("echo straw").execute(session);
// Async
Cmd.builder("echo berry").submit(session).subscribe(result -> Log.i("ExitCode: " + result.getExitCode()));

The default shell process is launched using sh, if you want to open a root shell (using su) tell the ShellBuilder!

Cmd.Result result = Cmd.builder("echo hello").execute(RxCmdShell.builder().root(true));

Checking root access

// General info
new RootContext.Builder(getContext()).build().subscribe(c -> {/* c.getRoot().getState() */});
// Just root state
Root root = new Root.Builder().build().blockingGet();
if(root.getState() == Root.State.ROOTED) /* yay */

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While this is obviously :^) the best library, there are alternatives you could be interested in: