MPC Maid is a software editor for the Akai MPC 1000, MPC 2500, and MPC 500, for Mac, PC, and other platforms (Java)


Download the unique .jar directly from Github

Double-click on it, MPC Maid must show.

View the PDF documentation here, or download it here


In Windows, if Winzip or Winrar tries to decompress the file this probably means you do not have Java installed yet. Go to and download the JRE (1.6 update 12 at the time of writing) then follow the very simple instructions. In 2mn you can be done.

MPC Maid is offered for free for everyone so that you can get the best out of your MPC. You can use it forever without any limitation. If you feel like supporting this project then you can send feedback, contribute to the code and testing, and you can also donate what you want.


Project homepage


MPC Maid is strongly inspired by the excellent MPC Pad 187 by Stephen Norum, that is unfortunately not portable on other OS'es than Mac OS X.

MPC1000 File Format

Based on the extensive documentation provided by Stephen Norum:

Automatic Slicing

Beat detection follows the excellent guide "Beat Detection Algorithms" from Frédéric Patin:

Other code snippets

Portable browser launcher (for the help) was found here

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