Base Metals

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DrCyano's Base Metals Mod

This mod adds historically commonly used metals to Minecraft, specifically silver, copper, tin, lead, zinc, mercury, and nickel. You will also find a number of metal alloys in this mod and a new tool: the Crack Hammer.

Fantasy metals have been added to the Nether and the End: Cold Iron, Mithril, Adamantine, and Star Steel

Metals and Alloys

Natural Metals

Copper: Copper is soft, easy to work, and fairly abundant. It is needed to make bronze and brass metal alloys.

Silver: Silver is a soft, shiney metal that is valued for both is beauty and its alchemical uses.

Tin: Tin is an extremely soft metal that is not useful by itself, but can be combined with copper to make bronze, a metal alloy nearly as strong as iron.

Lead: Lead is a very soft metal that is best known for being very heavy and somewhat toxic. Lead tools are fragile, but can dish out a lot of damage when used as weapons.

Zinc: Like tin, zinc is worthless on its own, but can be used to make the metal ally brass.

Mercury: This toxic liquid metal has many alchemical uses. The Mirthril metal alloys requires mercury.

Nickel: This metal is as soft as copper, but it has alchemical properties and forms the invar metal alloy when mixed with iron.

Metal Alloys

Metal alloys are made by crafting together the powdered forms of the required metals, and then smelting the resulting alloy blend in a furnace.

Bronze: This alloy of copper and tin (3:1 ratio) is as hard as iron, but not quite as durable.

Brass: This alloy of copper and zinc (2:1 ratio) is soft, but has a beautiful golden color.

Steel: This alloy of iron and carbon (8:1 ratio) is as hard as iron and much more durable.

Invar: This alloy of iron and nickel (2:1 ratio) is harder than steel, but less durable.

Electrum: This alloy of silver and gold (1:1 ratio) can be enchanted like gold, but is slightly more durable.

Fantasy Metals

Cold-Iron (found in the Nether): Cold-Iron is a magical metal that is as strong as iron. Tools made from Cold Iron are extra effective against denizens of the Nether and any creature that is immune to fire.

Adamantine (found in the Nether): Adamantine is a rare magical metal that is as strong as diamond, maybe even stronger. Armor made from Adamantine grants resistance to damage and tools made from adamantine are extra effective against monsters that have more than 10 hearts of health.

Mithril: Mithril is an alloy of alloy of silver, mercury, and cold-iron (2:1:1 ratio). It is as strong as steel and Mithral weapons are extra effective against undead.

Star-Steel (found in the End): Armor made from Star Steel reduces the weight of the wearer, allowing the wearer to jump higher and fall slower. Star-Steel tools slowly repair themselves while held.

Crack Hammer

Also known as a sledgehammer, this tool is designed for pulverizing rocks. Using this tool on ores will cause them to drop powdered metal instead of the standard ore block. Use can then use the powdered metals to make metal alloy mixes or just smelt the powder into ingots. You can crush items by dropping them on the ground and then right-clicking on the ground beneath the items.


This mod requires that you install Minecraft Forge version 1.9- or later (ealier versions of Forge for Minecraft 1.9 may work, but no guarentees).


After you have successfully installed Forge, simply place the file basemetals-#.#.#.jar in your mods folder. You can get the basemetals-#.#.jar file from the Releases tab of this repository page.


The Crack Hammer recipes from this mod will appear in NEI if you have NEI installed. Hooray!


Check the developer releases to download the files basemetals-#.#.#-dev.jar, basemetals-#.#.#-src.jar, basemetals-#.#.#-javadoc.jar. In your Eclipse project (and build.gradle file), add basemetals-#.#.#-dev.jar as a library dependency. All items and blocks can be conveniently accessed via classes in the cyano.basemetals.init package. New recipes for the Crack Hammer can be added via the cyano.basemetals.registry.CrusherRecipeRegistry class.


Q: Why make this mod?

A: Minecraft appears to have a pre-industrial fantasy setting, but the fantasy literature (and pre-industrial history) is full of references to silver and copper as well as gold.

Q: What does the Crack Hammer do?

A: When you break ores with the Crack Hammer, you get two piles of metal powders instead of a single block of ore. This is necessary to make metal alloys, which is done by combining the powders of the verious components and then smelting the alloy mix.