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Developer resources

Developers should start at our developer portal, The content is still light, but the codelabs should help get started with concepts quickly.

Also until the coverage of the codelabs goes up, it is also important to go through this README and maybe even some of the code to understand what's available.

Company Resources

Looking for guidelines and documents outlining best practices for designing a company, not just the engineering codebase? Check out our resources here which can hopefully help.

Have a question?

Feel free to open an issue if you have any questions. You are also welcome to join our Slack workspace and ask there.

Set up

See gradle-curiostack-plugin README for setting up the gradle plugins.


Curiostack only requires bash.

First run

$ ./gradlew :setup

to set up all required tools, by downloading openjdk, python, gcloud, node, golang, etc, and inserting a PATH setting into zshrc and bashrc. There won't be any version conflicts between e.g., system-installed nodejs and gradle-installed nodejs as gradle-installed nodejs will be the one on the path when running Gradle invocations. In addition, any bash invocations of commands when inside the repository will use the managed tool. Outside the repository, system tools will be used as normal.


Curiostack only has a dependency on Java. However, IntelliJ is highly recommended for development. The free community edition is sufficient for Java development, while the pro edition may provide a more integrated IDE for both server and client development. Many users will choose to use IntelliJ community edition for server side development and Atom or Visual Studio Code for client side.

To work on IntelliJ, clone the repository and in a command line, run

$ ./gradlew idea

to generate initial IntelliJ configuration. Then open up the folder in IntelliJ and say yes when it asks you to link the project.

All code-style, license, etc setup will be done automatically, and you're ready to code.