crnk example application

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This is a Spring-based showcasing the use of Crnk. Further smaller example applications integrating into various frameworks can be found at crnk-integration-examples.

WARNING: this example project is still in development and subject to various improvements, see roadmap


Crnk requires Java 8 or later.


Crnk is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. You can grab a copy of the license at

Building from Source

Crnk make use of Gradle for its build. To build the project run

gradlew build

Running the application

In order to run this example do:

gradlew run


docker run --name=crnk -p 8080:8080 crnk/example

The JSON API endpoint will be available at:


Some further URLs to play around that show the power of Crnk:,name[offset]=0&page[limit]=2[name]=Iron Man[name][EQ]=Iron Man[name][LIKE]=Iron // demos fields set & performance issues // demos error[resourceType]=movie // get movie facets


Make sure to enable annotation processing support when using IntelliJ IDEA. Otherwise it will not be able to find the generated sources from the Crnk annotation processor (type-safe Query objects).

Build Setup

The project makes use of for the build setup.


The crnk-example-service project showcases:

The TestDataLoader will automatically setup some test data upon start.

The project itself makes use of an number of third-party plugins to bootstrap a JDK, build Helm packages and allow a Kubernetes installation to Google Cloud. For more information see

Feedback and PRs very welcomed!