Wearable Backpacks

.. is a Minecraft mod which adds backpacks. But wait! It's not like anything you've seen before. Wearable Backpacks continues the legacy of BetterStorage's backpacks, and brings with it a beautifully designed and balanced alternative backpack option unlike any other!


"Backpacks are love. Backpacks are life." -asiekierka
"copy-who?" -MindlessPuppetz

What's so great?


Think of Wearable Backpacks backpacks as portable, wearable chests. After you've crafted one, simply place it on the ground and fill it with whatever you'd like to take with you. Next, sneak and break the backpack to equip it. You'll notice that equipping is faster than breaking.

Now that the backpack is where it belongs (your back), you can unequip it again by sneaking and right-clicking the ground with an empty hand (specifically, the top of a solid block).

By turning on a config option, it's also possible to open the backpack using a keybind, which you can find in the controls menu (default: B).

Crafting Recipe

Backpack Recipe

Additional Features


Available right here through GitHub Releases or on CurseForge.
All profits gained through Curse's reward system go directly to Child's Play charity.

License & Permissions

Wearable Backpacks is licensed under the MIT license, though feel free to consider it public domain. This applies to both the source code and releases, so you are free to redistribute, include in modpacks, modify, fork, release your own versions of this mod as much as you'd like.

If you contribute to this repository, do keep in mind that your contributions will be treated the same.

For Modpack / Map Creators


Authors: copygirl, asiekierka



In the order of their pull requests being submitted, here are the lovely people who provided their translation superpowers to make WBs available in other languages:

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Feature requests and bug reports belong on the issue tracker. For general inqueries, discussions and praise, you can contact copygirl directly at Twitter (@koppeh) or via email, but you're also very welcome to join our little community's IRC channel (#obsidian on Esper.net) and Discord guild.

In the event that this mod becomes self-aware, we are not responsible for any damage it causes.