Confluent REST Utils

Confluent REST Utils provides a small framework and utilities for writing Java REST APIs using Jersey, Jackson, Jetty, and Hibernate Validator.

See the examples/ directory for a simple demo service.


The REST Application can support both http and https. https is disabled by default. Use the listeners configuration parameter to control which protocol is used.

The https implementation is similar to Kafka, where the server specifies a keystore and trust store. When SSL client auth is configured, the client must authenticate -- the key in the client's keystore must be trusted by the server's trust store.


One metrics group exists that spans all listeners. Meaning, when using multiple listeners and observing metrics, the values of each metric are a combination of all listeners. For example, if the maximum latency for a http listener is 50ms and the maximum latency for a https listener is 100ms, the request-latency-max metric will be 100ms, the max across all listeners.



The project is licensed under the Apache 2 license.