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commercetools sync

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Java library for importing and syncing (taking care of changes) data into one or more commercetools projects from external data files or from another commercetools project.

The library supports synchronising the following entities in commercetools

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commercetools sync is a Java library that imports commercetools platform data in the following ways:

  1. Synchronise data coming from an external system in any form (CSV, XML, etc..) that has been already mapped to commercetools-jvm-sdk resource draft objects (e.g. CategoryDraft).

  2. Synchronise data from another commercetools project as commercetools-jvm-sdk resource draft objects (e.g. CategoryDraft).

Note: During a synchronisation, resources are either created or updated, but not deleted.

⚡ See the Quick Start Guide for more information on building a product importer!

🔛 Check out the commercetools-project-sync for a ready-to-use CLI application that syncs your entire data catalogue between 2 commercetools projects!



There are multiple ways to add the commercetools sync dependency to your project, based on your dependency manager. Here are the most popular ones:




implementation 'com.commercetools:commercetools-sync-java:1.8.2'


libraryDependencies += "com.commercetools" % "commercetools-sync-java" % "1.8.2"


<dependency org="com.commercetools" name="commercetools-sync-java" rev="1.8.2"/>