Code Tutorials, Examples, and Best Practices.

These projects usually are a simple Enterprise combination of existing technologies. The following sample applications are provided:

Sample Description
Spring Boot, WebFlux, MongoDB WebFlux API with entire reactive process and Integration Test
Spring Boot, WebFlux, H2 WebFlux API with reactive web and service layer (not repository layer) and Integration (End-To-End) Test
Spring Boot Actuator If need Log files rather than Actuator Endpoints according to Security concerns, Can be used alongside Syslog and Elasticsearch
Spring Boot, CXF JAX-RS CXF is good for "both" JAX-RS and JAX-WS
Spring Boot RESTful If don't care about JAX-RS standards use Spring RESTful
"Modular" Spring Boot RESTful A Separated layers project but a Modular application is an old approach take a look at Microservices
Hibernate A bare Hibernate layer to work on just Data Access Layer (working on DB)
Simple Storage Service Simple Storage Service (File Service) with Basic Authentication