This program comes with no warranty. You must use this program at your own risk.


This is an Android application, And there is no plan to migrate to other platforms

Run your program both in the Container and System!

The application which running in Container behaves as if it were running on another device, and this is not required to be installed. (Yes, you can run you APK file directly)


Do NOT use for safety purposes! It is NOT a sandbox. Malicious application can still easily break it.


Here is a list of features:

How to get source code

We maintain the source code at GitHub:

To get the latest source code, run following command:

git clone

This will create a directory named container in your current directory and source files are stored there.


The Core Feature depend on @asLody's library: VirtualApp.

As well as I made some changes to the form of the patch to stay in the project's root directory(X.patch). If you want to fetch the newest library's source, you can manually apply the patch to the latest branch of its project and copy the lib file back to the root of the project.