Clouditor Community Edition

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Clouditor is a tool which supports continuous cloud assurance. Its main goal is to continuously evaluate if a cloud-based application (built using, e.g., Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure) is configured in a secure way and thus complies with security requirements defined by, e.g., Cloud Computing Compliance Controls Catalogue (C5) issued by the German Office for Information Security (BSI) or the Cloud Control Matrix (CCM) published by the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA).


Clouditor currently supports over 60 checks for Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and OpenStack. Results of these checks are evaluated against security requirements of the BSI C5 and CSA CCM.

Key features are:


To run the Clouditor in a demo-like mode, with no persisted database:

docker run -p 9999:9999 clouditor/clouditor

To enable auto-discovery for AWS or Azure credentials stored in your home folder, you can use:

docker run -v $HOME/.aws:/root/.aws -v $HOME/.azure:/root/.azure -p 9999:9999 clouditor/clouditor

Then open a web browser at http://localhost:9999. Login with user clouditor and the default password clouditor.


Configuring an account

Account configuration

Discovering resources of cloud-based application

Discovery view

Overview of rule-based assessment

Rule assessment

View details of rules

Rule assessment

Load and map compliance requirements

Compliance overview


Code Style

We use Google Java Style as a formatting. Please install the appropriate plugin for your IDE.

Git Hooks

You can use the hook in style/pre-commit to check for formatting errors:

cp style/pre-commit .git/hooks

Build (gradle)

To build the Clouditor, you can use the following gradle commands:

./gradlew clean build

Build (Docker)

To build all necessary docker images, run the following command:

./gradlew docker