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Endpoints Java Framework

The Endpoints Java Framework aims to be a simple solution to assist in creation of RESTful web APIs in Java. This repository provides several artifacts, all in the group:

  1. endpoints-framework: The core framework, required for all applications building Endpoints apps.
  2. endpoints-framework-guice: An extension for configuring Endpoints using Guice.
  3. endpoints-framework-tools: Tools for generating discovery documents, Swagger documents, and client libraries.

The main documents for consuming Endpoints can be found at

Installing to local Maven

To install test versions to Maven for easier dependency management, simply run:

gradle install

Migrating from the legacy Endpoints framework

This release replaces the old appengine-endpoints artifact. You should replace the dependency with the endpoints-framework artifact from the group. In Maven, the new dependency looks like this:


In Gradle, the new dependency looks like this:

compile group: '', name: 'endpoints-framework', version: '2.0.14'

You also need to update your web.xml. Simply replace all instances of SystemServiceServlet with EndpointsServlet and replace /_ah/spi/* with /_ah/api/*. The new Endpoints configuration should look something like this:


Repackaging dependencies

The new version of the Endpoints framework does not repackage its dependencies to hide them. If you run into dependency conflicts and need to do so, we recommend using the Maven Shade plugin or Gradle Shadow plugin. Full instructions on doing so are on the wiki.


Your contributions are welcome. Please follow the contributor guidelines.