Cloud Native Java: Training Materials

This repository contains various training materials that accompany the sections and chapters in O'Reilly's Cloud Native Java: Building Resilient Systems with Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, and Cloud Foundry.

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Getting Started

If you're looking for the source code and materials for O'Reilly's Live Training: Building Microservices with Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, and Cloud Foundry, then look no further!

First, clone this repository, and then navigate to the microservices-online-training module for instructions on getting started with the example projects from the 2-day live online training. If you've somehow found this repository but are looking for the live training videos, please visit Safari to sign-up for upcoming live training courses for Cloud Native Java.


This repository is maintained by the authors of Cloud Native Java. The best way to get at us is usually via Twitter. Please also feel free to use the issue tracker to provide feedback on the materials. But really, it's faster if you yell at us nicely on Twitter (DMs are open).


This project is licensed under Apache License 2.0.