It was great while it lasted, folks, but I no longer use this software and don't have the time to maintain and support it. For the most part, it still works fine and many people still use it on a regular basis.

If you are interested in taking over the maintenance and support of this project, please get in touch with me.


Crop Planning Software for small farmers and serious gardeners. Plan for and manage the myriad crops, varieties and plantings required to keep a modern, intensive market garden producing throughout the growing season. This is a cross-platform (Windows, Mac, Unix, etc) desktop application that allows small farmers and gardeners to: Create, duplicate and delete crops and plantings; inherit data from other plantings and crops; key in a few data and let the program calculate the rest for you; sort and filter your plantings. These are all possible and new features are being added all the time. The software has been released as open source, free software and therefore is and will always be available free of charge. Those who donate, however, will be thanked profusely.

Latest Version

Version: 0.7.0
Released: Feb 8, 2016
Release Notes
Installation Instructions

Download for Windows
Download for Mac (for MacOS 10.8+: read this)
Download for Linux

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Support Provided By

MOFGA, Fedco Seeds, Northeast SARE

Free Software

This project is released as free, open source software, which means that the computer source code that makes it work is and will always be available for free. In addition, this project is built upon and couldn't exist without these other free, open source projects:

HSQLDB Persist Glazed Lists iText Twinkle GitX
DBMS (Database) ORM (Super easy interface to database) Super easy and fast list sorting, filtering and more! PDF creation Sparkle-style updates for Java! Great git app for Mac

Important Notice: Beta Software

This software is currently under development and is changing rapidly. Please DO download it, try it out and let us know what you think; but please keep in mind that it's not finished. Is is great? Does it suck? Does something about it really annoy you or can you simply not farm without it? Please let us know!

Developing and Contributing Code

To download the code yourself simply

git clone

or of course fork it into your own github account.

You will need:

If you unzip the library bundle in the parent folder of the cloned cropplanning repo, NetBeans should find all of the libraries automatically.