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Spigot plugin for 1.8+ allowing the claiming of chunks.

The destiny of chunks is to unite not to divide
Let's make the world ours.

Usage and more information can be found on the wiki.

For even more information, the SpigotMC page can be found here.


Downloads are available in the releases section.

Optional Features:


Version Info

If you want to obtain a version of the plugin that isn't availble yet (like a snapshot), you can do so by asking on the Discord or building it yourself. Here's how to build it yourself:

First, you'll need to clone the repo either using the Git command:
git clone [email protected]:cjburkey01/ClaimChunk.git
or downloading the repository source using the button above that says "Clone or download".

Once you have obtained the repo, inside of the local repository, you'll just need to execute this Gradle Wrapper command:

Your built jar file can be found at: