TRex Stateless GUI

TRex Stateless GUI application provides a graphical user interface for TRex.

Description and main features:

TRex Stateless GUI application is a JavaFX based application.


The application main features can be split into tree parts (TRex Management, Traffic Profile management and Packet Crafting tool):

TRex Management

Main Features

This is an online part, you need to be connected to TRex in order to perform the following actions:

Traffic Profile Management

Traffic Profile Management is an offline tool, you can use it without connecting to TRex server.


Main Features



Updated dashboard provides a capability to view real-time statistics per stream. Enhacned global statistic. You can find more information about Dashboard on Wiki page


Port Management

Now it is easy to manage port attributes, configure port layer mode and see hardware counters. You can find more infromation on Wiki page

Port Attributes

IPv6 Neighbor Discovering

Scan IPv6 hosts and use their MAC addresses in L2 configuration

Port Layer Configuration

Packet Capturing

Now you can monitor activity on TRex ports without connecting to the TRex console. It is very useful capability which completes full lifecycle of traffic generation. Create streams -> Combine them into a profile and specify bandwidth/rate etc -> Start traffic -> Verify the results.


Also you can redirect the traffic into pre-installed Wireshark application. Find more on Wiki page

Advanced mode with Packet Crafting tool

Packet Crafting Tool provides a capability to create any packet from scratch or load packet from PCAP file and modify it. Packet Crafting Tool

Field Engine provides an easy way to add TRex VM instructions to a stream.

Find more information about Packet Crafting tool on Wiki page

TRex Daemon control

Started TRex

TRex Daemon control could be used to start TRex with config defined with your needs. It provides ability to start and stop TRex, while editing it's config using convenient GUI.


Latest builds are available on the following Github release page


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