Fire Emblem Multiplayer Application


What is Fire Emblem: Multiplayer?

Our goal with this project is to recreate the tactical, turn-based gameplay of the GBA Fire Emblem games, while allowing for online multiplayer that does not sacrifice too many gameplay features. Previous official Fire Emblem multiplayer modes have been lackluster. The Link Arena had limited functionality, only simulating battles between units without the tactical aspects of army movement; while the multiplayer mode from Shadow Dragon, while fully featured, forced the player to use units from their Single Player campaign, only had one game mode, and had the unfortunate characteristic of being partnered with a terrible game.

Features we are adding to the game:

Removed or modified gameplay elements

We deliberately took out some gameplay elements because of the single-match, multiplayer setting.

System requirements

Java 6 or newer

An internet connection

A graphics card (or integrated graphics)

Special thanks

Jeff Mickel



Intelligent Systems