Spring Security ACL with Spring Data REST

This is a sample project to illustrate how to use ACL-based Authorization for entities exposed by Spring Data REST. This is referred by: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/26546072/using-spring-security-acl-with-spring-data-rest

Steps to deploy and run Bookstore sample:

Note that "conf" directory contains config files that needs to be placed at /etc/bookstore/.

  1. create db user book with password book: createuser --createdb --no-createrole -P book

  2. create db: createdb bookstore -O book -E 'UTF8'

  3. Run Spring Security ACL schema - bookstore/src/scripts/sql/createAclSchemaPostgres.sql

  4. Do a maven build and copy bookstore.war under tomcat/webapps.

  5. Run tomcat

  6. Run bookstore config sql - bookstore/src/scripts/sql/bookstoreConfig.sql

  7. Go over the curl samples in bookstore/src/test/curl/bookstorecurl.txt to see how it works.