Megatron - A System for Abuse- and Incident Handling

Megatron is a tool implemented by CERT-SE which collects and analyses log files with bad machines, e.g. from Shadowserver. Apart from abuse mail handling, Megatron can be used to collect statistics, convert log files, and do log file analysis during incident handling.

Major features:

For all features, see readme-general.txt

Example of Usage

Convert a file with IP addresses to a pipe-separated file with IP, AS, country code, and hostname:

$ --job-type ip-flowing --export --no-db test-data/multiple-ips-per-line3.log

As above but output file is tab-separated and contains geolocation data:

$ --job-type ip-flowing-verbose --export --no-db test-data/multiple-ips-per-line3.log

Prints information about two IP addresses (hostnames or URLs works as well):

$ --whois
IP              | AS     | CC | Hostname                                      | AS Name                                       | Organization   | 1653   | SE |                               | SUNET Swedish University Network              | Uppsala universitet   | 29672  | SE |                                  | S:t Erik Kommunikation AB                     | Stockholms stad

Prints information about URLs in specified file:

$ --whois infection-urls.txt

Process file and save result in the database:

$ --job-type shadowserver-drone test-data/2009-06-08-drone-report-se.log

Preview of mail to be sent:

$ --job shadowserver-drone_2013-06-22_160142 --id 4242 --mail-dry-run

Send emails for the job:

$ --job shadowserver-drone_2009-06-22_160142 --id 4242 --mail

Megatron is designed to automate day-to-day abuse handling. Running Megatron from the command line is only necessary in special cases.


Binaries, config files, and source code are included in this tarball:


Megatron is cross-platform as it is implemented in Java and Python. It has been tested on Windows 7 and Ubuntu 12.04. Megatron requires a MySQL database. Do not worry, the installation is easy and described in detail in this document: readme-install.txt


To get a grasp of Megatron, we recommend skimming the following:

Other resources are this presentation and the projects Wiki.


Megatron is distributed under the terms of the Apache Software Foundation license version 2.0, which is included in the file LICENSE in the root of the project.

Support and Warranty

CERT-SE does not offer any support, and Megatron is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind.

However, we are a bunch of nerds at CERT-SE and we would love to hear from you and discuss technical stuff. Send feedback to [email protected]. Our PGP keys can be found on CERT-SE's contact page.

Mailing List

Megatron Hacking is the mailing list for Megatron. Join by sending an empty email to:

[email protected]

Or you can go to the following URL:

The mailing list is for discussions about Megatron (installation problems, bug fixes, feature requests, etc.). Keep in mind that the list is public.