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Taxcalculation for employees to learn about Spring Batch

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To learn more about Spring Batch at Cegeka, we created a sample project where a company must calculate and pay taxes to the government for each of it's employees.

High level requirements

For each employee, the following needs to be done:

A web-based gui is needed so that:

Non functional requirements

Show me the application!

To see the end result without setting up Tomcats, Java, ... we created a Vagrant box. How to do so?

git clone https://github.com/cegeka/batchers.git
cd batchers/taxcalculator-vagrant
vagrant up
# take a break :) it takes a lot of time to build the macine (it depends a lot on your Internet speed)

Open a web browser and go to http://localhost:9090/taxcalculator/#/

More info and master/slave config with Vagrant here

Note: for this to work, you need to have Git, Vagrant and VirtualBox installed

Show me the code!

All info about the code and how to install the project and run it, can be found here

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