This was a proof of concept, based on camunda 7.8 ... it is currently not maintained, though the idea of havin a swagger/openAPI secription and client is still tempting.

Camunda BPM Swagger

Travis CI

Swagger Support for Camunda BPM REST API.


Installation and Usage

How to use with Spring Boot

In order to use the Swagger in context of a Camunda Spring Boot application, just include


into your `pom.xml``.

To use, run the main application and go to


How to use in container

This project produces a WAR artifact swagger-ui.war which can be obtained under the following coordinates.


Please deploy it into the container with your Camunda distribution (tested with Wildfly 10 Camunda distribution). To invoke the Swagger UI, call http://localhost:8080/swagger/webjars/swagger-ui/3.1.4/index.html?docExpansion=none&url=/swagger/swagger.json in your browser.

Release Notes

The versioning of this artifact is following the version of Camunda BPM (especially engine REST), since it delivers the Swagger specification of the versioned Camunda REST API. For this reason, we start with version 7.7.0.




How to build

Checkout the code and run

mvn clean install

The profile restDocs is needed only once to generate the documentation dictionary. Make sure you are using Maven 3.3.9 or later.

If you are curious how it works, check out the maven-plugin/generator/README.md.